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Minneapolis Bike Trails

Minneapolis bike trail options:
The Minneapolis bike trail / path network is fairly comprehensive, especially for an urban area. Rumor has it that Minneapolis is the first city for number of commuter bikes on the road per capita. There are a variety of options for biking from point A to point B including bike lanes on city streets, paved bike paths, bike racks on city buses and the light rail, and the ever more popular Greenway dedicated commuter route. For the leisure rider Minneapolis offers paved bike paths in most recreational areas, parkways such as the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, and miles and miles of “renegade” bike trails throughout acres and acres of wooded landscape.

Minneapolis Bike Path Maps:
Hennepin County Bike Path Map
Downtown Minneapolis insert
Source: http://www.co.hennepin.mn.us/vgn/portal/internet/hcdetailmaster/0,2300,1273_83394_103236036,00.html
After much Googling, this is the best map that I’ve found. It has a few inaccuracies (it shows a few routes as existing trails when these are still under construction). It doesn’t show every street, but it is to scale and shows landmarks. If you have a map that you prefer, please send me a link (Cutter@Re-Cycle.com) and I will post it here.

Off-Road Minneapolis Bike Trails:
The Mississippi river bottoms offer miles of off-road bike trail options for every skill level. Pick up the paved trails at Fort Snelling State Park and turn off-road when something catches your interest. Cross the Mendota Bridge by the airport on your bike (to the east side) and take a left down the hill. Keep going left and down until you get to the bridge with the train tracks. Go under the bridge and you’ve got a trail that takes you to 494 and beyond. Now you’re in Mendota and you’ll be in Eagan before too long. Hook up with one exit point underneath Hwy-77. There is even a foot bridge across the river to the west bank. Now you’re in Bloomington. On the west bank you can ride at least to 35W and Black Dog Rd. There is a lot of ground to cover around here and you’re best off diving in and doing some exploration to find what you like.

Here's a blog that shares the experiences of one avid cyclist's explorations of MN's trails.
MN Bike Trail Navigator

Please, if you have any off-road Minneapolis bike trails map (or anywhere in Minnesota), send it to me (Cutter@Re-Cycle.com) and I will post it here. I have found nothing good.

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