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Evans Colson History

Winslow Fay started bicycle production in Elyria, Ohio in the 1880s. Fay’s adult tricycles carried the name Fairy. Fay sold out to Arthur Garford in 1891. It was Garford who hired salesman Fred Colson. The Colson bicycle company was born in 1917 with the merger of Fay, Fairy, and Worthington. (tricyclefetish.com/colson.php)

Most Colson bicycles carried the names of the retailers who sold them. (nostalgic.net)

Evans Products Company purchased the Colson bicycle division in 1954. In 1954 Evans was a manufacturer of battery separators, heating units for busses and other utility vehicles, railroad car equipment, and other transportation related hardware. Evans had manufacturing plants in Plymouth, Michigan; Coos Bay and Roseburg, Oregon; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Many of Evans bikes were rebranded for other retailers. (nostalgic.net)

According to nostalgic.net, much of the 1954 line was created by automobile designer, Harley Earl.

Evans ceased bicycle production in 1962. (nostalgic.net)

Cool 1954 catalog: nostalgic.net/bicycle161.htm
Great Colson photos: tricyclefetish.com/colson.php


Cadet (1954) (Evans-Colson)
Clipper (1941) (Colson) – The Clipper was manufactured exclusively for Goodyear.
Commander (1954) (Evans-Colson)
Ding Dong (1954) (Evans-Colson) – Tricycle
Firebird (1954) (Evans-Colson)
Fire Chief (Colson) – Tricycle
Firestone Cruiser (1941) (Colson) – Made exclusively for Firestone, the “Cruiser” along with the Super Cruiser were only made in 1941 before the U.S. entered WWII.
Imperial (1954) (Colson, Evans-Colson) – Tricycle
Interceptor (1954) (Evans-Colson)
Mickey Mouse (Colson) - Tricycle
Olympic (1954) (Evans-Colson)
Scout (1954) (Colson, Evans-Colson) – Tricycle (Colson), Bicycle (Evans-Colson)
Special (1954) (Evans-Colson)
Super Cruiser (1941) (Colson) – Made exclusively for Firestone, the Super Cruiser along with the Firestone Cruiser were only made in 1941 before the U.S. entered WWII.
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